My American Apparel days are over

Being sort of a pioneer within socially responsible fashion, I have always appreciated American Apparel as a label. And this is even despite their inclination to promote neon coloured spandex as normal gym attire. Due to their employment policies and what not, I have even turned a blind eye to their sexist ads showing off women in too revealing leotards. The feminist in me cringes. But it is this latest ad-campaign that have turned me off American Apparel for good. They have crossed an unacceptable line with these two Israeli girls soon to be entering the army. Like there is anything appealing with that. Rather, it’s a massive credit card turn-off! I might by the off-chance buy an Israeli orange in the supermarket (nobody is perfect right), but this pro-Israeli political propaganda disguised as fashion I will never buy. I guess AA was acclaimed for looking out for American interests (keeping the textile industry at home) in the first place, and now the company has taken that patriotism to a whole new level.

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