Bagel coffee culture

I’m a sucker for bagels, and the key is to keep it simple. All you need is plain cream cheese. Seriously – all you need is cream cheese, not all these fancy fillings you would find in a foccacia. Most bagel places don’t seem to get this though, there were even a newcomer in Oslo last year that took the traditional cream cheese bagel off the menu altogether. They found that too simple or something – but of course marinated trout with olives, cranberries, goat cheese, salsa, pesto and bacon is so much better. A gross exaggeration there, but needless to say: the place closed within a month.

They kind of have an over the top menu at Bagel coffee culture too, but at least they serve the classic cream cheese bagel with a frothy espresso macchiato on the side. The decor is cool too, old school (literally, old school) gone living room. This morning I am bringing my notebook over for breakfast and will hopefully jot down some words onto paper. And the spot, Mehringdamm – Berlin.

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