New apt. vol. 1

I’m only halfway through my move, but here is a few (poor quality) snaps showing off a few of my favourite details. My dad made me the amazing dining table! I need a few more chairs; to move my books; to get some proper lights, and I’ll be all set – ready for life part. 5 (?). My lovely “princess oven”, wooden walls, roof details, and vintage Tandberg speakers will await in vol. 2. And for those of you who know me, you know there’s more turquoise to come as well.

7 thoughts on “New apt. vol. 1

  1. Haha, no! It heats up my living room, you can see it in the pic on facebook. The Norwegian nickname is “princess oven”, which is pretty cool. It probably got the name from the “crown” at the top. Still, i did bake muffins today: lemon and poppy seed. I also made basil&rocket pesto, roasted carrot/ginger soup, multi-grain scones, and a white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake to go. All since yesterday. I am turning into Martha Stewart here.

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