Maaemo: heaven is a place on earth

My dream of Maaemo was finally fulfilled last night.. too bad my crappy iphone camera would not continue to take nice pictures after the sun decided to set. But I will leave you with these snaps, as the experience was such a delight I would rather just live it than pen it to paper. I must, however, say the following two things : 1. the oyster might just have been the best thing I have ever tasted, and 2. I drank my first beer EVER last night, and it came with bread & butter delicious beyond comparison. Needless to say my usual weekend breakfast with home made bread buns and (non-whipped) butter from Røros was not as delightful this morning as I usually find it. Yet, it was smiles galore! I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling so satisfied by life. Maaemo really excels at every single tiny little step, and they take both food and service to a whole new level. Eating at Maaemo is an experience that lingers – might this feeling of utmost contentment never pass.

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