Lucy Chadwick

Envy is not a pretty thing, but envy can also be a source of inspiration, it can drive you forward and give you the right amount of push to shape your life differently. I must admit I am more than a little envious of the life Lucy Chadwick leads, at least how it is portrayed in this clip by the Selby. It is the calmness, the soothing light, the small elegant details, that completely drew me in. There was a sense of it all being just so luminous. There is peace in that. If that was to be my life in five to ten years time I could not be more content. Do you ever get that? – when you peak into someone else’s life? Of course they all have their own skeletons in their closets, there are tears being shed, insecurities and stress, but for a moment there it all looks so picture perfect. And that coffee maker, I want that. I need that. It would most certainly up the ante on life.

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