Hype & Seek

I was a regular at Hype & Seek in their early years of opening shop, living in Adelaide it certainly was the best option by far for furnishing a student flat. And it was a match made in vintage heaven since I back then had a great love for all things orange, and all things kicking off an authentic sixities or early seventies vibe. As a student I could of course not afford to buy everything I wanted, although Dexter and Genevive were often sweet enough to give me a discount. The few things I did buy, I do however still find myself missing every now and again. I also still regularly check their latest photo updates on facebook, the ones labelled what’s new in store.. and it seems like both our styles have evolved a bit, because now it’s the sleak wooden furniture I cannot keep my eye off. If you ever go to Adelaide do make sure to pop around their store in Queen Street, Croydon. And since they are like the coolest couple ever, do tell them hi and start up a chat. And yes, ask for directions to the cafe down the street… and once there, order the rye bread with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. And if it’s off the menu? Do try something else, everything was always just as tasty.

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