La femme

I feel like I sound like a broken record now, for the past few seasons I have succinctly expressed disappointment with Susian Chong’s choice of having the Lover-girl grow up into fully fledged womanhood. Unfortunately, this season keeps following the labels new direction. In addition to the quirky girlieness, I used to love the perfectly crafted story behind every collection, one that transcended into the lookbooks as well. Now the lookbooks, with the exception of a few campaign pictures, has the aesthetics of just about any other catalogue out there. Lover still uses the most beautiful lace, and tailors to perfection, but it just seems a little bit too perfect now: like something an upper west side gal would wear to a fancy dinner, and not what the girl next door would put on when laying on her bed listening to Kurt Cobain. Man, I miss the latter.





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