The Esta in Twilight

apieceapart2 apieceapart

As luck has it, I have a discount code from Steven Alan which I’m contemplating using on the twilight colourway version of the Esta double breasted coat from Apiece Apart’s FW14 collection. This collection is entitled a New York story, a good match for my autumn which is spent wondering the streets (and typing on my laptop) of this wonderful city, and a great way to extend my developing New Yorker mindset into winter, which will sadly be spent at home.

About the collection:

FW 14 is a New York Story containing the power and exuberance of the city – with its cracks, fissures, static, and energy. It reminds us of why we were drawn to the city – in pursuit of an interesting life. Fw14 introduces a dynamic print language – strong sporty stripes, grid patterns reminiscent of building facades, stuttering chromatic pulses, the movement of traffic, blinking electric lights, and the sounds on the street, the art – the interesting.

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