The Travel Almanac

Another highly valued christmas present, the words of Will Oldham when being asked what regards as travelling:

I don’t know. There was a period of a time when I was kind of in a panic, and I was wondering: what if it was just this constant escapism? It was a panic because I didn’t think that was the case. But I couldn’t point to anything about it that made it not resemble escapism. Now staying in one place, in terms of where my mailing address is, hasn’t made any of those urges go away. But it’s made me explore my environment here sometimes in more extreme ways than I have had the chance to anywhere else before. Whenever I can find myself functioning in an environment that is superficially unrecognizable, that’s usually when I feel the most at home.: when I don’t recognize maybe faces, languages, rhythms, smells, if those things are all in place and yet somehow I feel like I’m functioning. 

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