four, five days for the big canal

soup en zo to die for, home made honey infused chocolates, fresh pumpkin ravioli with burned sage/butter sauce, the richest chocolate cake EVER, real mexican strawberry daiquiris (including refills), soko singing first lover never dies, laura marling playing alas i cannot swim, seeing malaya light up my day, correcting sverres norwegian, a drink and a talk of life & lost love with the bartender (as so many times before), having kim’s little boy warming up my heart, catching the odd familiar face where there used to be so many, dancing with chris, picking up some sessun or vanessa bruno at lock stock and barrel, just strolling, a.p.c.?, being content, finding time to read my book drinking fresh mint tea, walking past my old house, feeling nostalgic, wanting time to stop right there right then in the moonlight of that particular canal, any canal, reminding myself that i am still me, that this place is still dear, i am not lost, the past is in the present, perhaps finding a way forward (there’s always hope), just being in this magical place where the architecture brings all my senses to life will be a splendour i so eagerly await.

6 thoughts on “four, five days for the big canal

  1. amsterdam’s been waiting to pick up that love affair it never quite got over after you left 🙂

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