Living room Berlin

So I am a Berlin newcomer and I keep loosing my sense of direction. Seriously. I get on the U-bahn in the wrong direction, and I realise it just a moment too late – so that I have to wait for the next stop, get out and change tracks. I walk south when I am supposed to walk east, I turn west when I should be heading north. You get the drill. Less could wear you out really. But then there is the wonderful option of taking a breather in one of the living room like cafe/bars which can be found scattered around all over the place. The vintage sofa’s are just to die for, and the drinks are cheap – so you could be sitting a while.

Try Marietta (Stargarder Straße 13), Wohnzimmer (Lettestraße 6) or my current neighborhood hang-out Pavlov’s (Monumentenstrasse 18)

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